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Like d’Artagnan, each player in En Garde! starts as a young man arriving in Paris. Now he must find his feet in Parisian society. En Garde! characters may be noblemen, gentlemen or peasants. They may have lots of money or none. They may be accomplished swordsmen or not know which end of a sword to hold.

A small man with a big nose lifts a glass of wine in a toast

What characters have in common is their main goal in En Garde!. They try to increase their standing (‘Social Level’) and climb the greasy pole of Parisian society. They do this by gaining status: being seen in the right places; cultivating friends in high places; joining the right regiment or club; and, of course, winning duels!

Duelling is the usual way of settling disputes in En Garde!. Two characters face each other over the affections of a woman, to settle questions of precedence – or simply because one belongs to the Cardinal’s Guard and the other to the King’s Musketeers. Then it’s down to the skill and strength (and cunning) of the two protagonists.

RPG commentator Jeffrey McArthur commented on En Garde! and his experiences playing the game on his YouTube channel – follow the link to see this.

You can join in the fun by buying the game and playing with friends. Or explore online games of En Garde!.

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